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Today, grandma is generally pleased with my mothering progress but she is a little concerned about this “amber necklace” being ” ’round her neck” lol But our story this week is from Grandpa WT.
I’m tickling Gracie on the floor.

Grandpa: leave that girl alone

Me: continues to tickle because I don’t know he is talking to me.

Grandpa: (yelling in a very concerned voice) STOP TICKLING HER

Me: what are you talking about???!!

Grandpa: if you tickle her she gone grow up to stutter. She aint gone ever talk right.

Me: blink blink

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  1. My Grandmother would say that, and now I’m repeating it lol. Never asked the pediatrician to confirm, because most of what we hear are old folk tales, and didn’t want to receive an insane stare😂

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