To buy designer or not buy designer for a almost 2 year old!

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Grace Mae’s School Picture Day.

I do not have a problem admitting that I am an over the top and a little [read super] extra mommy. I want the very best for my daughter and typically will spare no expense after I have decided what the means. From daycare, to birthday parties, to extracurricular activities I am unapologetically over the top. However, I am also frugal and invested in proper money management.

Today, Grace’s PDO [Parent Day Out] has school pictures and like every other activity in her life I am being EXTRA! I spent hours shopping online for the picture perfect dress for her first school pictures. I also went to several local retail stores just to have a few options. After hours of shopping I found this cute little Burberry dress that I loved. The dress retails for $175.00. So I tell myself, in the big scheme of life that isn’t THAT much money. AND she only gets to take schools pictures once a Knowing what her dad would opine I commenced an internal debate for a few days about whether I should buy this dress or not.

This would not be my first mommysplurge. For her first Easter I bought her this over the top green and pink silk-taffeta blend dress from Janie and Jack. At the time she was about 6 months. Her dad told me it was a waste of money but I could not resist the tempation of seeing my little babydoll in this dress. Long story short, by the time we made it to church the dress was completely destroyed. Grace chewed on the dress and the silk-taffeta material drew up and caused the dress to look wrinkled. She was still cute and we did take some cute pictures but I kind of learned my lesson. That is until her first school picture day.

So… I toyed around with the idea of buying the Burberry dress but I went to Target and I am so thankful for Cat & Jack because they always come through with fashionable and affordable clothing for babies and toddlers. I picked up this little Cat & Jack denim romper with a yellow and white undershirt for $15.99. I went to the shoe section and saw the cutest pair of tan little boots with big pink shoe strings for $22.99 and I was out of the door.

Grace looks so super cute in her little outfit and I cannot wait to see the pictures from her first school picture day.

I like designer. She has and will have a few designer pieces but I also have to remind myself these tips:

  1. If you buy designer look for secondhand deals. The few baby designer items Grace had she only wore once and for only a couple of hours. Her items were really gently used. So check Poshmark and other secondhand shops before you buy retail.

  2. Look for coupons. I consider Janie & Jack a designer. Dresses run from $60-$100. They usually have coupons. Look for coupons & save as much as possible.

  3. Decide whether or not there are more cost efficient options that are just as cute for the occasion. I actually think this little Cat & Jack number is more appropriate for school picture day.

  4. Recognize the return on investment. Especially for small children. Children are growing rapidly unlike adults. If I buy a pair of Gucci pumps I can wear them until the end of time. Your baby or toddler is growing rapidly and will likely only get a couple wears out of the item. Therefore, the ROI is minimal.

  5. Always consider the big picture. I want my child to have nice things but I would rather her have peace and a healthy college savings fund.

Consider these tips before you decide on designer or not for your little one. For all those extra moms like me, I know that it is hard but practice talking yourself down. Your child will appreciate that $190 more at 21 than as a 2 year old. Also, a mommysplurge is okay every once in a while.


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