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Grandma Rena is the chair of the pastor aid committee at her church. She informed me last week that she already told all her friends that her baby was coming to her 3pm program. We get to grandma rena house before service and grace has on a blanket sleeper & this is the convo.

Grandma Rena: I sho hope you got her some real clothes to put on.

Me: Yes ma’am. I am about to change her.

Grandma Rena: I knew I shoulda called you. She need a dress, stockings, shoes, a bow, and a sweater.

Me: I have all that in the car.

Grandma Rena: good because all my friends waiting on her at the church and she needs to be on point
Me: Yes ma’am

(Gets grace dressed)

Grandma Rena: is that the best bow you have? Why she got that lil bow on going to church?

Me: because last week you said her bow was to big for her hair.

Grandma Rena: Well she wasn’t going to church. I just don’t understand why she has on this little bow for church.

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  1. Girl these Grandma Rena posts have me tickled. Dude, I’m so proud of you!! I just happened to find your site when you gave someone the link for your book. Keep it up!

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