Morning Sickness

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Whoever called this stuff “morning sickness” is a liar.

Although I took lots of pretty pictures, my pregnancy was far from picture perfect. . I did not gain a lot of weight. My skin was glowing and hair growing. At each doctor’s appointment my baby girl was healthy and strong. The genetic gene pool blessed me with little to know stretch marks. I was generally happy and had an amazing support system every step of the way. My career was flourishing, I finished a jury trial on Friday and welcomed my beautiful baby girl the following Monday. Some would call it picture perfect.

My pregnancy was actually amazing all except the part about “morning sickness.” I am sure a man coined the term because it is one of the most misleading terms I have ever heard in my entire life.

“Morning sickness” is the nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy. Before I was pregnant I thought morning sickness only occurs in the morning. Thurs the name “morning” sickness. I was also under the impression that it would only last the first trimester. Not really sure where I heard this information but I know for a fact someone told me that.

Imagine my dismay when both of those things turned out to be untrue regarding my pregnancy.

The first few weeks of my pregnancy I just tired.I thought that I would literally sleep through the next nine months of my life and wake up with a baby.  At about week four I started getting sick. I could not eat or drink anything without throwing up. That included lunch and dinner. Therefore, the morning part of morning sickness is a downright lie. And when I say I could not keep down anything you can include saltine crackers and Sprite in the anything to which I am referring.

Most days, I had to force myself to eat four small meals because I knew it was coming back up. I literally prayed for the first trimester to end because I knew I would miraculously be healed and my morning sickness would be over. Well that day came and went and I was still sick. I finally told my doctor what I had been experiencing and she prescribed me medicine that literally only made me sleep. I was still nauseous and vomiting so I gave up on the meds.  I made it through the summer eating grapes, peaches, and ice. Grapes. Peaches. Ice.

Also keep in mind that during this entire season of my life I worked daily. I did not take off anytime to prepare to have a baby. Although I planned to and really wish I did I practiced law until the Friday before I gave birth. During my pregnancy I located every restroom in the courthouse because I knew every single day at least one time a day I would need to quickly excuse myself to go vomit. Nasty right?! Well… sick is producing an entire human.

Whew. I was not mentally prepared  not to hold down food for 8 full months. And not just in the morning but all day, but I did it. It is funny how easy it is to be thankful in retrospect. But I guess my baby knew her momma would have taken the “eating for two” thing to the extreme so she just did not let me eat at all. I literally only ate fresh fruits and vegetables so my skin was perfect and I only gained 20 lbs so I was actually picture perfect but I struggled the entire pregnancy.



But seriously I think I need to start a petition because we need to find a new name for “morning sickness.” I think pregnancy induced regurgitation is more appropriate. Oh and luckily I did not have to travel this journey alone. Whenever I threw up so did Gracie’s dad. We were just pitiful. Pi-ti-ful together.

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