These are stories from
my real life.

My maternal grandmother's name is Rena Mae Davis (“Grandma Rena”) she is 82 years young and lives in the heart of North Memphis. My grandparents have been married for over 60 years and have ten biological children and one adopted daughter. Grandma Rena is the epitome of a stereotypical southern wife from the 1960s.

My grandfather (Granddaddy WT) goes to work everyday. He runs his own business and is the provider for the household. He is the smartest person I have ever met and his work ethic matches his intelligence. For the majority of my life, well up until a year ago, has shown very little emotion or nurturing qualities. However, our entire family is surprised at his relationship with Grace. Most mornings he awaits her arrival before starting his work day and plays with her on the porch. She is equally crazy about him and will roam the house yelling, “granddaddy” until she finds him.

Grandma Rena stays home and maintains one hell of a household. She cooks him most of his meals and serves them to him hot and fresh. She bakes him a cake every week that is always in the cake dish waiting on him. She is perfectly loving and nurturing. She is an old school Baptist church mother and is very convicted by her Christian values. She is traditional to say the least.

My grandmother has more positive qualities than I could ever list but she is also the Queen of Shade.

She typically is only attempting to offer constructive criticism but it is shady nonetheless. I am so blessed to have my mother and my grandmother to assist me on this motherhood journey.

My mother keeps my daughter during the week while I am at work. On Thursdays they visit with Grandma Rena. My grandmother absolutely adores Grace and really wants me to be a good mother. Therefore, each and every Thursday my grandmother gives me unsolicited “parenting advice.”

Some of the advice has been determined by physicians to no longer be adequate but I quickly learned that attempting to tell someone that birthed and raised 10+ children anything about parenting or motherhood is a mistake.

Each week I listen to every piece of advice and these chronicles are old school southern wisdom on Motherhood and parenting that are more valuable than pure gold.

Hope you enjoy.