Dare to self care

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I felt myself drowning and had to throw myself a life vest. It was not until very recently that I started being intentional about self care. For the majority of my adult life I have had several activities to juggle. I would get tired every once in a while, do some traveling and come back refreshed.

While in law school I was stressed. I would vent to my classmates. Enjoy a good laugh at this website called www.fml.com (fu** my life) which was a posting board for people to share the horrible and witty happenings of their days, or hit the bar with my friends. During one particularly bleak season I went to see the school counselor for some good old talk therapy. [therapy is of good]. Although I had developed some coping mechanisms for dealing with stress usually all these tactics were is response to stress and not in prevention of day to day life stress. I actually never thought much about whether I was really taking care of myself until I had to.

As a working (18 months of nursing) new mom, some days I felt like I was drowning. I was always tired. I felt like I was always running around doing 1,000 things and I was usually physically exhausted. I thought the solution was to step away from a few of my projects and give myself a little more time. But me being me I only replaced those old projects with new projects and recreated my hectic life. My sad truth is that I enjoy and feel obligated to be superwoman and it is costing me big time.

Although I was attempting to scale back, I still was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Trying to balance work, being a mom, maintaining my community responsibility, and a DECENT social life was wearing me out. I have an awesome support system but even with that the juggling act was difficult to keep all the moving parts in the air.

One day I was scrolling Pinterest a happened upon a “daily self care checklist.” Something so simple was all of a sudden so smart and necessary. I decided to make my own checklist of small things that I could do to create a healthy mental space for myself. Each day I try to check off all if not most of my checklist. I gave myself grace not to finish the entire checklist each day because that would be another stressor.

Here is my checklist

  • 4(16 oz) cups of water
  • 5 minutes of mediation
  • 30 mins of walking
  • Take a multivitamin
  • In office aromatherapy

Although daily affirmation is not on my list it is something that I also practice with my daily self care. In the midst of my juggling I have to constantly remind myself to be good to me. If I am not good to me my body will eventually drop everything that I am juggling.

I am looking to have different things on my checklist so it will be exciting & fun. What are some of the things on your checklist? Do you think a daily checklist in helpful for you?


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