Baby Gadget Review

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I have to admit something on the front end, I love gadgets. Being a mom just gave me an excuse to buy more gadgets and I truly appreciated the high of bargain shopping the hottest baby trends. I am ashamed to admit that I wasted thousands of dollars on baby stuff.

Things I thought I needed but did not use with Grace.

The Halo Bassinet: this thing literally never stood a chance. Before I became a mom I was adamantly against co-sleeping but I knew I wanted her close so a co-sleeper seemed like the perfect compromise. I am sure that it would have been but for the easiness of co-sleeping while breastfeeding and my baby got accustomed to a soft comfy mattress. When we tried to transition her to the co-sleeper she couldn’t get comfortable. I assume it was because of the little think and kind of hard mattress. Either way, we have a gently barely used co-sleeper at our house that holds clean baby clothes.

The Infamous Mamaroo: okay I was obsessed with getting this high dollar ticket item. Luckily, I was able to score one at a local discount store. I think I still paid nearly $200 for a back to the future baby swing. Long story short my child has had more fun in her “toy” now that she is a toddler than she ever did as a baby. It just didn’t work for us. She actually liked just a normal baby swing with the normal back and forth swinging motion. One of those can be purchased at Target for less than $100.00.

The Baby Bullet: the baby bullet is a blender. Nothing more than a blender. If you have a blender do not purchase a baby bullet. I was so excited to get one because I had a desire to make my own baby food and of course I need a “special blender” for it right? Wrong. Your regular blender will work just fine.

A High-End Stroller. So Grace and I lived in a posh downtown condo building when she was a baby. So I just knew I needed an equally posh downtown stroller. I got a super expensive but still disconnected cute carriage stroller. I only used it once. It was heavy and hard to maneuver. It sucked in comparison to my old faithful Eddie Bauer stroller. Yeah, a complete waste of money.

Designer Baby Clothes and Shoes: they grow so fast. Unlike adults, babies grow very rapidly. If I buy a pair of designer shoes I can wear them until the end of time. When you buy a pair of designer shoes for a baby they will likely wear them twice. Buy wisely.

Top Five Items That I Needed.

Pampers Diapers: All diapers are not created equal. As a new mom, I automatically assumed that my child would wear Huggies because on the large marketing but Pampers proved to be the brand for us.

Breastfeeding Accessories: I breastfeed for 18 months. I few times I wanted to quit and did not because my friends invested in the accessories and I wanted to use them up. Accessories include pumps, bottles, milk storage bags, cleaning wipes, and nipple cream.

Bottles: Dr. Brown’s bottles were a good investment for us. We used the hospital bottles the first few tries and she had terrible gas. We switched to Dr. Brown’s and she was fine. You can find these at discount stores also. TJ Maxx and Burlington usually carry them for a significant discount.

Travel System: Our Eddie Bauer travel system was a Godsend. It was easy to install the base and easy to remove the seat and drop it in the stroller. It was worth every dime. I purchased ours from Target when they were running a $50 off travel system promo.

Amber Necklace: I swear by these things. I put one on Grace when she first started teething and we never ever had an issue with teething. She wore it until it broke when she was around 19 months and she still asks about her necklace.

Most importantly that baby needs your love and attention! If you have questions about any other baby items feel free to ask. I think I tried them all.

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