A mix of southern charm and urban sophistication, I was born and raised in the Northern part of Memphis. My Tennessee roots run deep, as I earned my B.S in Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University and my J.D. at The University of Memphis. Having a doctorate of anything behind your name is indeed an accomplishment, but I consider mommy my most important title.

On October 24, 2016, I brought my beautiful baby girl, Nia Grace, into this world. Smart and sassy like her mommy yet feisty and funny like her daddy, she has been my greatest adventure. Like her name, she has given my life new purpose as I continue to somehow find poise in balancing all that life throws my way. Little Miss Nia Grace has also added to the life of my family. Specifically, she is the apple of my 80+ year old grandmother’s eye and #grandmarena does not hold back on her old school parenting advice.

In a short six years, I have developed a diverse legal background. From working for a non-profit to a prestigious trial firm to now representing the government, I truly have a love & appreciation for the law.

When I am not being a mom or lawyer I am busy trying to save the world one project at a time. I believe the wellbeing of the global community is my responsibility and try to do my part to make the world a better place.


My life is a juggling act with lots of grace and luck. Take a look at my blog to see how I balance Life, Law, and Mommyhood.